Night Drive

So the other night I was feeling a bit restless and I decided to go for a bit of a drive. I’ve gotten into the habit of this over the alst few months, gets me out of the house and driving late at night is really relaxing to me. I grabbed my keys and some cash and I jumped in my car and took off for about 2 hours. Usually, I go out to the airport, there’s this great spot in the carpark where all the plane watchers congregate (I’m not one of them, even though I do congregate there too) and you can see all the returning and departing planes coming in and out. On a good night, you’ll see 20 flights make their moves and I usually just switch on the tunes and chill out. This night I’d forgotten my iPod so I had to listen to the crappy radio we get in our city. The radio was amusing in one sense though, the only passable station is aimed at an older audience and they often (especially late at night) let people call in and chat for quite a long time. Old Mildred going on about her son getting into a local University or Geoff complaining about how road signs have text that is hard to read. They also have great advertisements, car wash places with great jingles, gutter cleaning services with terrible voice acting and a really interesting sounding shop that sells authentic rosary beads. Anyway, I usually sit in my car for an hour or so, watching the planes and then head off home. It was raining really heavily that night and I had to take it very slow along the highway getting back to my house, where when I pulled into the garage, I found my dog perched up on the toolchest (he’s a small dog, a daschund) waiting for me to go to bed, so he can hop under covers with me and fall asleep. So that was my night.